Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From Winter to Summer

I feel like we went from Winter to Summer.
But I like the weather, its nice.
I like a little sunshine now and then.
I just don't like the way it burns my left arm when I'm driving home.

Anyway, I have two exams this Friday.
One for Sexuality and another for Stats
so I have A LOT of studying to do :/

I just want to make art while listening to "Crying" (album) by Roy Orbison.
I wish I could just dedicate all of my time to my photography.

I'd wake up, sit outside (i love how Mother Earth smells in the morning)
Then I'd go get french toast for breakfast.
After breakfast I'd go take pictures.
Then I'd come home, eat lunch, and play with my pictures while listening to my favorite music.
Then I'd go for a walk with my dog or a friend or lover or all three.
Then I'd come home and take a long shower.
And then I'd go to bed with my laptop or lover or both :p
Then on the weekends I'd take the train downtown and hang out.


Anyway, listen to Crying by Roy Orbison..

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