Monday, April 12, 2010

I fall in love everyday...

I told a friend that I fall in love everyday and they were confused so I tried to explain it.

I fall in love with art all of the time whether it's a photograph, a painting, a piece of music, anything you can think of as art, and it's the same with human beings.

I see someone and I feel like I'm looking at a piece of art.
I study them, try to understand them, observe them
and if they are interesting and captivating I fall in love with them.

Now, I love them like I love a piece of art.
I don't necessarily want to sleep with them or develop a relationship with them.
I just enjoy admiring them.

And it's funny cause most of the time I find myself falling in love with the unique kind, the kind that do not fit the "beauty norm." Well, in my opinion there is something beautiful about them, but others like to disagree. Most of the time there's something silly or different about them that I love.
And there is always something about their aura. Their aura plays a major part in it.

I never do anything about it, like ask them out or hit on them. Like I said, I just admire them from a far, and they are a piece of art in my eyes.

A piece of art that I like.

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